Prime minister visit Tobruk
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Prime minister visit Tobruk

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The Transport Minister, Dr. Joseph Aluhishi and his companions arrived to the City of Tobruk this evening, Thursday, 02/16/2012. They were received with cheerful popular welcome by the people of the city.

An expanded meeting was held between the Council of Ministers chaired by PM, Abdulrahim Alkeeb, and local council of the city of Tobruk to discuss the current situation in the city and ways of rebuilding it together.

They also discussed issues regarding the Tobruk airport and its poor technical condition and it was agreed to go back to visit the airport to inspect the damage and carefully examine it and reach serious solutions.

The roads and means of transport were also present in the discussion as they stressed the importance of connecting the city with its neighbour cities.

The current status of Tobruk port and its geographical relevance and importance to other Libyan ports has also been under discussion to address any shortcomings in terms of port services and operational direction.  Dr. Joseph visited the port in an inspection tour to preview the potential damage on Thursday, 16/2/2012 after the ministerial meeting of the Council of Ministers.