Rebuilding Education Sector Solidly on Scientific Grounds
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Rebuilding Education Sector Solidly on Scientific Grounds

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The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Naeem Rahman, confirmed that the development of the education sector, which is considered to be significant in achieving the growth, progress and advancing the state on a scientific basis foreword and this will be in the forefront of the current Libyan Government as well as any future government.


However, despite the difficulties and problems faced by the education sector, the educational process at all levels, intermediate and undergraduate and graduate had utterly resumed both in terms of infrastructure or administrative and logistical support.


At a press conference, the minister stated that the message of the Ministry of Higher Education are focused on providing opportunities for education and scientific research as to enrich life and achieve progress and desires the needs of the Libyan people. He explained that the objectives of the ministry are divided into short-term objectives embodied in resuming study at universities and colleges, and deciding on the leadership costs in Universities and Research Centers and addressing the issue of external missions and long-term goals such as reviewing the geographical distribution of higher education institutions and harmonization between education outputs and labor market requirements and other strategic goals.


The minister also announced the allocation of monthly financial grants for students studying in universities and various colleges and higher institutes, as well as students of secondary stage. That’s as 75 dinars for college students and higher education institutions and 45 dinars for students of intermediate institutes which are to be immediately given after completion of some administrative procedures.