Alejma’a Alarabi Bank Opens New Agency for Businessmen.
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Alejma’a Alarabi Bank Opens New Agency for Businessmen.

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In line with the requirement of the Libyan economy during the 17 February revolution and the necessities of reconstruction, the Alejma’a Alarabi Bank opens on Monday morning the Tenth Banking Agency amongst a series of agencies existed across Libya.

The agency is located in Qarqarish, Hai Alandeles Area and it will be for mainly the Libyan businessmen and it will provide Internet services to its customers.

The General Director of the Alejma’a Alarabi Bank, Ali Naser, stated that this move is a proactive step to the economic mobility which will witness reconstruction stage in Libya. Other subsequent steps will be taken to push the Libyan economy forward.

The bank is one of the promised Libyan banks which will attempt to vary its services in all the Libya soil and the present time it has three; in Tripoli, Misratah and Banghazi.