The Libyan minister of economy meeting with french minister
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The Libyan minister of economy meeting with french minister

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The Libyan minister of economy, Dr Abdalla Shamia and Dr Ali Eltarhouni met today the French foreign minister of exterior and a big number of Libyan and French businessmen.  He said that France played a considerable role during the war against the tyrant’s regime and France moved at the proper and accurate time with the leadership of president Sarkossi and this led to the protection of a huge number of Libyan civilians.  The Libyan minister thanked the French minister and the honorable delegation and stated that this meeting will set a base on the priorities in all different sectors of construction and development.  Dr Ali Eltarhouni ascertained the same expressions and thanked personally president Sarkossi and the deeds for the sake of Libya as the Libyans will take this in consideration from now onwards in dealings and priority for the French companies.