Auction For Sale Of Machineries And Equipments
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Auction For Sale Of Machineries And Equipments

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The general company for electrons announce its desire to pose auction for sale of machineries and equipments in its affiliate factories according the following conditions:
1-To submit the offers in closed envelopes.
2-Sampling the machineries and equipments during office hours in the following locations:
-Azzawiya:  Tel: 092 616 14 20
-Tajoura:   Tel: 092 525 67 92
-Almaiya :Tel: 091 402 21 98
-Jado: Tel: 092 716 91 28
-Benghazi: Tel: 092 308 81 44
3-Bidder should  payment of  L.D 1000 by certified cheque  in the name of the general company for electrons as guarantee for participation in the auction.
4-The committee has a right to refuse the offers which will not reach to the estimated value.