Auction For Sale Of Machineries And Equipments
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Auction For Sale Of Machineries And Equipments

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The 6th committee of disposal which are affiliated to the liquidation fund of the general companies and liquidated authorities announces its desire to pose auction  for sale of machineries and equipments of GPC No.(700) for 2008 in closed envelopes.
-          To draw the manual of conditions and specifications from the disposal committee against payment L.D 40 non refundable.
-          To sample the machineries as from 18-5-2010 up to 28-5-201.
-          Last date to ensure the participation 29-5-2010.
-          To submit the offers and opening the envelops in the presence of authorized persons on 29-5-2010 at 11:00hrs.
For further information please contact:
Mob: +218 91 374 86 35 / +218 91 322 34 77/ +218 91 315 09 36