Auction For Sale Of Machineries Autos And Trucks
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Auction For Sale Of Machineries Autos And Trucks

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Public services office in Tripoli announces its desire to pose auction for sale of machineries, autos and trucks; the auction will be according the following conditions:
1-    To sample the machineries as from date of publication of this advertisement up to 13-5-2010  in the following sites:
-          Company’s headquarter nearby compost factory.
-          Company’s headquarter in the central workshop – Alderbie.
2-     To submit L.D 50,000 by certified cheque in the name of the company as primary deposit and will be refunded in case of loss the auction.
3-    The sale will be by wholesale.
4-    The sale will be on 16-5-2010 at 12:00hrs in the company’s headquarter in Hai Alnadalus 2 March ; last date to submit the offers will be in the same day.
5-    Winner should pay 50% of value of the offer immediately after awarding the auction and to pay the remaining amount within three days from date of notification. In case of delay the remaining amount the company has a right to confiscate the primary deposit and cancel the auction.
6-    The company has a right to cancel the auction in case offers will not reach the estimated value.
For further information please contact:
Tel:  012 715 87 33
Mob: 091 321 17 79