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Call For Proposal Consultancy Services

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Job Required: Consultancy Services
Gender: Any

Employer: Acted Libya

Terms of Reference for
Consultancy Services
under the project
“Supporting the emergence and development of Civil Society
in Libya”
Civil Initiatives Libya
funded by the European Union
Tripoli, Libya
Closing date: 07/02/2013, 5.00 pm (Tripoli time)
Evaluation Committee in Tripoli
The mission will take place from the 10th of February to the 28th of February 2013
This project is implemented by a consortium of European Organization
L’Agence d’Aide à la Coopération Technique et au Développement (ACTED)
People In Need
ACTED in Libya
Ben Ashour Area, Aljraba
Tel : +218 (0) 924076507
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
A. Context of the mission
Civil Initiatives Libya is a project funded by the European Union and implemented by a consortium of European
organizations: ACTED (France), CESVI (Italy) and PIN (Czech Republic).
The duration of the project is 2 years (2012 and 2013).
The objective of the project is to strengthen the capacity of emerging targeted CSOs to deliver services and contribute to
the promotion of good governance in Libya.
The project consist of three main Work Packages:
Work Package 1: establishment of resource and training centers for CSOs in Tripoli, Misrata, Benghazi and Sabha
Work Package 2: preparation and delivery of Trainings of Trainers and trainings targeting the emerging civil society
Work Package 3: support to local stakeholders for developing Local Development Strategies
These Terms of Reference concern exclusively the Work Package 3.
Key information related to the context of the mission:
- There is no previous experience on or culture of local administration and local planning in Libya. The system
under the previous regime was extremely centralized, atomized (each ministry or state agency covering of sector
of activity without coordinating with the others) and on the same time unclear and volatile (regular changes of
the territorial set-up, etc.)
- Situation today related to local governance is still transitional: the Constitution is under preparation; the law on
decentralization and local administration adopted by the NTC before the national elections is de facto obsolete
whilst the new legislative framework for local governance is not yet adopted; Local elections were organized in
some cities in 2012 but not everywhere; mandate of the local councils is still to be defined and their financial and
technical capacities (no technical services, embryonic local administration) are very limited which has already
created misunderstanding and local tensions (newly elected local councils should respond to the expectations of
the population but have a very limited marge de manoeuvre”).
- In this context, initiating a local development strategy approach in Libya can only be a pilot initiative and the
methodology must be adapted to the very specific Libyan environment.
- The project, objectives as well as methodology, must be presented to and discussed with relevant national
authorities before to be implemented. Key interlocutors will be: Ministry of Local Authorities and Ministry of
Planning. The Governing National Council (GNC) (particularly the Committee for Local Authorities and the
Committee for Civil Society) should also be consulted.
- At the local level, the main interlocutors will be the Local Council, key CSOs, public agencies (water and solid
waste management, etc.), Chamber of Commerce and the University
B. Global and specific objectives
Global objective is to strengthen the planning and organisational capacities of local stakeholders in the field of economic and social development
Specific objective is to provide technical assistance for defining objectives, methods and tools for implementing a strategic planning approach in selected Libyan municipalities
C. Requested services and suggested methodology
This mission is the first step or a preparatory phase for the implementation of the WP 3 – support to local governance – of CIL project.
The consultants are expected to provide technical assistance for defining objectives, method and tools related to the implementation of a strategic planning approach in selected municipalities of Libya, this includes:
- analysing the specific situation of local governance in Libya: legal framework, existing administrative and decision making system, key players at the local levels that must be involved in a LDS process (such as universities, Chamber of Commerce, public companies for water and waste management, etc.) and current role and capacities of the local councils and existing local administration, expectation of civil society organisations and participation of CSOs in local development issues… It will be down through reviewing existing documentation (which is scarce) and –mainly- through direct interviews of Libyan stakeholders at national and local levels. (and possibly through organising focus groups at local level)
- based on this analysis, proposing a relevant methodology for introducing the principle and method of strategic planning in Libya.
- drafting an action plan for the launching of an LDS process in a pilot area in Libya.
- Training the project team and selected local partners on LDS concept, objectives and methods
- Preparing basic tools (e.g. questionnaires) for implementing the first step of LDS process: community mapping / stakeholder’s analysis
- Presenting the methodology and action plan to local stakeholders (public presentation in the targeted municipality) and to the DEU in Tripoli
The mission will be conducted under the supervision and in full cooperation with CIL project director
D. Expected outputs
Analysis of the current situation in Libya related to local governance, and recommendations. The analysis must be brief (10 pages max) and factual.·
Objectives, methodology and action plan for the LDS component of CIL project. This pilot action must be designed in such a way as to be completed before the end of 2013.·
1 training (or workshop) delivered to project team and selected local partners. Duration and content to be defined by the consultants.·
1 Public presentation of the action plan in Zaouia·
E. Structure of the offer
Time schedule
The mission will take place in February/March 2012 and will last 15 working days.
Number of experts
Two (2) consultants
Fifteen (15) working days each
Location of the mission
Tripoli (HQ of CIL project) and Zaouia - located 40 km from Tripoli- identified as the pilot location for launching the LDS project.
Support provided by the Project team (CIL) to the experts
ACTED and the project team in Libya will provide the following support:
- Visa request
- International plane tickets
- Organisation of the transportation in Libya (car + driver)
- National staff, project officers and translators (Arabic speakers), will support the consultants during the whole mission
- Logistics of the events and meetings to be organised in Tripoli and Zaouia
- Training material and equipment as requested by the consultant
All documents are to be submitted in English
Arabic/English translator will be provided for the interviews and meetings.
Structure of the Offer
- Detailed proposal including the methodology offered and the provisional schedule of the mission
- References of the companies in preparing LDS or implanting similar projects
- CVs of the experts
- Fees / per diem requested (the consultants will be accommodated in hotels in Tripoli and, when needed, in Zaouia)
ACTED will assess the proposals on quality (adequacy to the present ToRs), timeframe and cost criteria.
The proposals have to be submitted to ACTED before 08/02/2013 (February 8th, 2013) at 5:00 pm (Tripoli time) by hand delivery in a sealed envelope with the mention “Not to be opened before 08/02/2013 (February 8th, 2013) - T/14BAT/37D/37DA53/TRI/01022013/001" and with the mention of the following phone number for delivery purposes 0914233836 / 0923201766 at:
Jraba St. Ben Ashour
Tripoli Libya
Late offers will not be considered.


Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Phone: +218914233836/ +218923201766