Libyan Transitional Government (LTG), Libya Ministers’ Council (MC)
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Libyan Transitional Government (LTG), Libya Ministers’ Council (MC)

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Ministers’ council decision No. 36 for 2012 concerning devolution of private presidential plane to the ministry of defense


- after reviewing the constitutional announcement

- and statement for establishment of NTC

- and NTC basic system

- and state’s financial system law as well as budget, accounts and stores rules

- and NTC decision No. 174 for 2011 specifying transitio0nal government’s chart

- and NTC decision No. 184 for 2011 approving the transitional government

- and letter No. 87 dated 26.12.2011  from the minister of defense

- and MC decision in 2012  4th meeting



It is decided


Article 1

Ownership of the private presidential French plane, type A340, will be devolved to ministry of defense


Article 2

Ministry of defense will make the necessary arrangement to transfer ownership with the coordination of owning party and ministry of finance


Article 3

This decision to be applied from date of issue, to cancel any contradicting legislation and to be executed by the concerned authorities


Ministers’ Council

Issued on 06.02.2012