Libyan Transitional Government (LTG), Libya Ministers’ Council (MC)
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Libyan Transitional Government (LTG), Libya Ministers’ Council (MC)

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Ministers’ council decision No. 39 for 2012 permitting ministry of education to contract  and form a committee to take over completion of the procedures


- after reviewing the constitutional announcement

- and state’s financial system law as well as budget, accounts and stores rules and its amendments

- and Law No. 12 for 2010 concerning issuance of labor relation law and its executive rules

- and Law No. 18 for 2010 concerning high education and its issued rules

- and NTC decision No. 184 for 2011 approving the transitional government

- and ex GPC decision No. 563 for 2007 concerning issuance of the administrative contract rules

- and letter No. 255 dated 15.01.2012  from the ministry of education

- and MC agreement in 2011  7th meeting



It is decided


Article 1

To permit the ministry of education to contract by direct authorization to buy 50 buses for transport of students


Article 2

A committee to be formed to take over the procedures of contracting specified in the previous article according Article (68) of the rules referred to, as follows:

  1. Undersecretary of ministry of education, head
  2. Legal affairs office manager of the ministry, member
  3. Administration and financial affairs administration’s manager of the ministry
  4. General manager of the department of technologies and maintenance of educational utilities


Article 3

This decision to be applied from date of issue and to be executed by the concerned authorities


Ministers’ Council

Issued on 06.02.2012