Concerning tasks of Minister of interior
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Concerning tasks of Minister of interior

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NTC decision No. 297 for 2011 concerning the tasks of the minister of interior

Article 1

To specify the responsibility of arresting and investigation as well as illegality of any procedure by legally unauthorized parties as:

1. General attorney, military litigation and national security centers

2. The high security committee, Tripoli and approved security committees of local councils

3. National army police and national army security which are affiliated to the military councils that are approved by the local councils or defense minister

Article 2

All revolutionary groups except the afore mentioned should stop any operation of arrest or investigation in any issue and should relay the files and the arrested to the concerned parties as soon as possible.


Article 3

Any contradiction is subject to legal responsibility before the internal and international law.


Article 4

This decision to be applied from date of issue and to be executed by the concerned.