Libya Liberalization declaration
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Libya Liberalization declaration

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National Transitional Council (NTC) – Libya

Liberalization declaration

The great free Libyan people

After the blessed 17th February Revolution and after nine months of fighting and efforts against the violence, corruption, ruining and dictatorship of the regime that continued for a period exceeding four decades and in a fine historical epic that was declared by the whole world as well as presentation of the holy bloods of thousands of martyrs, the great Libyan people succeeded to achieve freedom and to end the darkness of dictatorship and to announce to the whole world that the dictator died, his regime has fallen and will never return and the page of autocracy has been turned.  A new historical period is opened to rebuild the state and community in a free and modern shape purified by the souls of the martyrs and blood of the fighters.  A new era has started, an era to build a civil democratic state, a state of rights and equality as well as justice, a constitutional and law state, a state of free institutions based on rules and bases respecting the human rights and citizenship; a state of education, planning, prosperity and progress that guarantees national unity and safety of the merciful community that eliminates violence and radicalism.

NTC in this historical day announce Libya’s liberalization from the regime of autocracy and violence and the council congratulates all the Libyan people for achieving this great victory.  NTC congratulates all international community that love justice and safety which helped and supported the blessed 17th February r4volution.  It hopes from faithful hearts that God will protect this blessed way and its success and invites all Libyans to cooperate with NTC to achieve the following:

1. To insist on national unity, weft, community, collaboration and cooperation that preserve the success of our great revolution and achieved success; to eliminate all disputes, selfishness, personal benefits and tribal issues that cause obstacles for our social and political progress

2. To eliminate all types of radicalism, violence vengeance; to insist on values of justice, kindness, our religious beliefs and principles of Islamic law as well as justice which contributes in achieving security and safety for setting the democratic change

3. To comply with NTC and its bodies’ issued decisions and announcements in different fields until election of the general national congress and to execute the transitional government policies which will be formed shortly as it is considered the temporary executive authority until issuance of the constitution and starting the democratic modern state


4. To comply with NTC plans and decisions to rebuild and reform the Libyan national army and the state’s legal institution which is authorized to utilize the weapons to protect the home land from external risks; to defend the Libyan state’s region and boundary and to protect revolution’s gains and principles of democracy

5. To comply with NTC plans and decisions concerning rebuilding and reorganizing the ministry of interior, all branches and bodies which are affiliated to it; and to consider any military form outside this status as illegal entity and against the revolution

6. To execute immediately the transitional stage as stipulated in the temporary constitutional announcement issued on 03.08 2011 except the steps and procedures prior the elections of the general national congress

7. The Libyan people while establishing the state of law ascertain to the world the following:


1. To respect all signed agreements and contracts according the international standards

2. To strengthen world security and safety; and to eliminate terrorism

3. To remove all types of international strain and to contribute seriously to eliminate poverty

4. To establish relations based on respect, exchanged cooperation and mutual benefit with all world countries, especially the neighboring countries


Great Libyan people

Today, we enter in God’s confidence a new stage “a stage after liberalization”, a stage which requires from all of us big responsibility, great efforts and hard work that knows no retreat or complacency or inaction; it is a stage that requires confidence in God and self confidence.  As national council and government, we ascertain that we shall develop and execute this stage satisfactorily within an atmosphere of security, stability, cooperation, national harmony and collective responsibility.  We are able with God’s will and power as well as will of freedom that removed darkness and injustice to achieve the great dream which is Free Civil Democratic Libya as victory is from God, Allah.

Glory and eternity to our glorious martyrs.  Long Live Libya Free.


National Transitional Council – Libya

Issued on 23.10.2011