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NTC decision No. 135 for 2011 concerning formation of committee

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National Transitional Council (NTC), Libya


NTC decision No. 135 for 2011 concerning formation of committee


- After reviewing the statement of the victory of the revolution of 17th February 2011 issued on 22.02.2011

- decision for forming the temporary NTC and terms of reference

- and council’s basic system and internal rules

- and for the necessity of public benefit

- and what was agreed upon in NTC minutes of meeting dated 05.09.2011


It is decided


Article 1

A committee to be formed from:

1.  Mr Ashor Hamad Abu Rashed

2.  Mr Khaled Umhamed El Saeh


Article 2

The duties of the committee is to sort and authenticate the martyrs, injured and revolutionaries


Article 3

All formed sorting committees in the same task should provide the high committee with all the necessary data and


information for approval and to comply with the issued instructions


Article 4

The high committee has the right to form subordinate commit6tees to cover all areas in Libya


Article 5

This decision to be applied from date of issue, to be executed by the concerned, EO and local councils to be informed


NTC, Libya

Issued at Benghazi on 04.09.2011